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The era of gaming
This is an era, where playing games is a matter of habit, passion and competition. The advancement of internet speed and smartphone has completely changed the way games are being downloaded and played. There is no need of a person to sit in front of a television or PC or laptop to play a game. Games are easily available for download to mobile phones and that too for free. So basically this has also increased the number of people who play games just because it is available on mobile phones. There are ample number of games developed and released each day, for all the worldwide game lovers and players.
Cut the Rope 2
Cut the Rope 2 is the sequel to its previous version Cut the Rope. The game was first introduced for iOS and Android users but later became available to Windows users as well.
The game has a familiar gameplay especially if you have played the previous version of the game. The character called the Om Nom travels through forests, cities, junkyard, and tunnel in order to get candy. So basically you have help the Om Nom in collecting as many candies as possible.
The game is a familiar one but is very challenging with many new and tough challenges which the player has to complete. You can meet Om Nom many new friends and play with them as well and collect more and more candies. There are many surprises in the game which you will discover in the course of the game. Cut the Rope 2 has been received well by the game lovers. One must have thought that the game would be same as the previous but then it is not and so there have been more and more downloads of the game.
The game offers in-app purchases but is free for download in Android and Windows store but is not free for download in Apple store. The game costs Rs120 in the Apple store.
Downloading games made easier than ever before
Many popular games for mobile phones are available for free in the app store of the phones. For different OS (operating system) there are different app stores from where you can download games, which may be free or paid. For android uses you have the Google Play Store, for windows phone users you have the Windows store and for iPhone users you have the apple store or the iTunes. Sometimes certain games are available in these app stores and that is when you need to seek for other downloading options. If you are and android or an iPhone user then you  have the apk file format of the game that you can download from various sources available online.
The below given download options for both android and iPhone users are also applicable for iPad and android tabs. You will get many other games and other application in apk format if you type that out on the search engine. From the various links you can choose the best and then download apps and games.
Downloading free Cut the Rope 2 for Android users
If you are an Android user then in the app store, Google Play Store the game is available for download. To download the free version from the Google play store you can follow the following steps-
Step 1– From your phone got to Google play store
Step 2– On the search bar type ‘Cut the Rope 2
Step 3- Tap on ‘Install’, after which the game will be downloaded to your mobile phone. In case you want to get the apk version of the game then that is also available for free online. You can follow these steps to download the free apk game-
Step 1- Go to a search engine form you phone and type ‘Cut the Rope 2 apk download free’ on the search bar
Step 2– You will get many results, from which you can choose one of the top two.
Step 3– Different web links will have different methods of download but usually the page will ask you for your OS details of your phone. So type that out.
Step 4– Once the above step is complete youwill see a ‘download’ option, tab on that. After which the game will be downloaded to your device.
Downloading free Farm Heroes Saga for iPhone users
The method for downloading Cut the Rope 2 for iPhone users is not very different. You can get the game in iTunes and then download the game from the store. But the game is not free for download in the Apple Store. You have to pay Rs120 for downloading the game. But the game is available in the apk version for free. And in case you want the free apk version of the game you can type ‘Cut the Rope 2 apk download free’ in the search engine, where you will get many web pages from where you can download the apk version of the game. Just mention that you are iOS users and also mention the version of your device. After which you can tap on the given ‘download’ option and Cut the Rope 2 will be downloaded to your mobile phone.
The game is available for Windows phone users. The game is available for free in the Windows store from where you can download Cut the Rope 2 and then install the game to enjoy it.
Other ways of playing the Cut the Rope 2
Step 1- On your browser type ‘Cut the Rope 2’
Step 2– You will get many online playing and options
Step 3- From the many, choose one from the first two and tap on it.On the webpage you will get Play Now option, from where you can play the game and also download it.


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