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Pictures speak a thousand words

The phrase has been around since ages and specially gained significance with the advent of the digital era. Mobile phones, with increased and improved ability to click the special moment as it happens in a flash, have increased not just the passion to take photographs but to store and share them too. Most service providers realized this demand and had started providing storage space via the cloud technology.  Users however wanted to share these photo moments with their near and dear ones, for which also apps came to their rescue. The apps though required fresh account creation by both parties as also creating new groups and contact list. It was therefore not long after that a popular social media site or app took on the job of integrating such a utility in their site.

Face book the popular social media app and site came up with this new and unique photo storage and sharing solution.  With its large database of users, Moments became the natural add-on for FB users to include on their handsets. There are a number of useful features in the Moments add-on app that gives extra marks to this app.

Private photo sharing ability

The most important feature is that the photos taken are not immediately available to the world to see but limited to the friends who are connected through Face Book. This gives a sort of privacy to the owner of the photographs. Also the owner would have the option to select who in the friends list would be given the privilege to view the specific photos. Add to this feature the other aspect of no need to create a separate account for sharing the photos and we have a short explanation of what is moments apps in FB software for facebook private photo locker. Using other photo sharing apps had required login into the account using in most cases Face Book login process. All that is something of the past with the availability of Moments. The other apps could now be labeled as Moment synonyms, Moment Antonyms.

Grouping of photos

The app is able to group photos based on the time the photo had been taken. What this means is that taking the photos at some event would be very easy to search for as all the photos taken during the event would be grouped together separate from photos taken at some other event on another day.  Another advantage of the grouping is that other friends who send photographs of the same event taken on their mobile would also be grouped under same photos taken by the owners camera.

Face recognition ability

While many may find this a creepy aspect, face recognition to such a degree can only be seen in Moments due its parent application being a social networking related application. What happens is that Face Book would be having the face pic of most all contacts in its repository. When a photo clicked by camera is placed via Moments add-on, the face of many friends in the photograph would be matched with the Face Book profile or other picture sources of FB. Hits of successful face recognition is therefore very high in case of Moments. To cater for those who are not comfortable with this automatic face recognition feature, Face Book has an option in settings to turn the feature off.

 Downloading and using Moments

For reasons best known to the Face Book team, Moments is yet an add-on feature rather than being an integrated feature of Face Book. What this means is that users would necessarily have to download “Moments” separately.  There is an option to create a cloud storage for the pictures to be stored which frees local memory storage space. After having downloaded and installed Moments here is how to use it.

–          The app will ask for permission to use the selected face Book account on the device. Some people have multiple face book accounts on their device. Which one of them to be used has to be specified. There is no need to manually do any grouping of photos. The app searches for photos on the device and groups them by date taken as also based on who the persons are there in the picture.

–          The app now has to be set up to indicate who the photos should be shared with. On the top of the screen, there is a button that helps to select whom to send or share the photo. Sliding right will be confirmation of the share while sliding left dismisses the suggestion.

–          To specify a particular set of photos only to share there is a settings option where the list of users who need to be sent the photos to can be set.

–          To label the photographs or the entire set of photographs of a particular event we can add titles to the photos under the suggestion label. Photos can also be shared with other friends via face book rather than going the Moments way. By adding titles, other users of Moments whom the pictures have been shared with are able to send across photos of the same event that they have on their devices.

–          Bottom left corner provides who else in the group is also in Moment ad active as of now. Both users can interact and exchange photos of the same event that they have separately on individual mobile sets. After the private sharing and joining of the two photos, users can share the photo.

–          Creating a slideshow is also possible. Requires a minimum of six photos to be available. Slideshow can be created with music added to it also. However, after having created the slideshow, it would have to be posted on Face Book like it is done for any other update.

–          To browse the photos on the mobile device is very easy. Browsing is possible based on location the photo was taken or once  again on who is in the photo.


Updated: July 28, 2016 — 12:49 pm

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