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Mailing the Gmail way

There are a few e- mail service providers and Gmail can be listed as one of the most popular ones amongst them. The reason why user base of Gmail has risen rapidly and remained its registered users are due the fact that Gmail integrates email and chatting as also archiving the same by easy methods. Many users may find themselves confused and overwhelmed by the huge array of options that is presented at the time when they go to create new account, or later after sign up.   It is however not actually confusing as it appears to be if the steps are understood a bit.

Setting up a new account

Gmail is part of Google services and so, to create a Gmail account means user has to create a Google Account. The place to go to is The button which stands out loud is Create an account and that is what the user has to click on.

The signup form appears which requires details like name of the person who wants to create the account, date of birth and gender. At the bottom of the page is the link to Google terms of service .This box has to be checked.

 That is all required steps to create the Google account and now the welcome page would show up as the user would be signed in automatically for the first time.

User can start using the email service but for good practice it is best to log out and then log in again. That is how to use in Professional Way. While Google does provide its own privacy and secure environment to work in, the user has to be aware that there are some good practices to be followed on own also to ensure the security is leak proof.

To re-enter the email service of Google, go to Login option and you would be presented with the prompted to enter the user name and password. The user name in case of Gmail service is the complete email address that Gmail has formed after the signup process.  At the opening screen now, it is best to note that to close the service and log out user would need to look at the top right corner where the log out button lies.

Gmail settings

There are instances when user would like to change the appearance of the Gmail service as seen on the screen. Users may like to put in a signature that would be carried at the bottom of all their emails. Or simply like to change the theme that Gmail presents itself on screen.

The gear icon that can be located at the top right corner of the screen is where the settings of Gmail can be modified.

For adding contacts

It is impossible to remember email address of all the contacts that we interact with. Like all other email service providers there is this feature of Gmail where a list of contacts is made for selection to send emails to. The address book as it is commonly referred to can be accessed by selecting Contacts option. Select new contacts and type in details like name of the person, the email address and then there are some additional details too which would help in generating closer ties with the person. Like house address, date of birth etc. at the end the contact has to be saved.

Changes to an existing contact details is also possible and this is done through the edit contacts page.

Another quick way of adding contacts to Gmail is in case there is an existing contact list. There is a chance that Gmail would not be the first email service being used. The user may have been using some other email service where a contact list already exists. There is no need to manually type in the same details once again in Gmail. Rather use the import process of Gmail to get the contact details from the other service provider’s site. There is possibility to even import the emails existing on that service provider’s site into Gmail. Other service providers who are supported in this import process are Yahoo!, Hotmail, and AOL.


To add another account

There are times when one user has multiple user accounts for emails. One used to email official stuff while the other for personal stuff. In the settings menu there is an option to add a POP3 account. That is the option for adding another account.

Creating the first email

Having familiarized and used these above steps the next is to actually create and send an email. Select the button Compose on screen.

The email address of the recipient is to be types in the send to box, typing in first few letters of the email id would show up list of matching email ids in the contact list. It is not necessary to send email to just one person. Multiple addresses would be selected and the email sent to all of them simultaneously.

In the subject line enter the relevant subject. It is not necessary to have a subject line, but good professional manner mandates that there be a subject line to the email.

The main body of the email screen is for typing in the email content. User could also attach something to the email before sending. The paperclip icon at the bottom of the page is for this action. Picture, audio, video, or any other document could be sent via this attachment process. Some other interesting things that can be sent as attachment are the smiley icons. This explains lots that would have required many words to be typed.

Some other beautification actions like the color of the text, size of the text, color of the email by way of stationery could all be changed. It is important to note that emails bear a close indicator to the personality of the parson sending the email.

At the end select the send button and the email gets sent.


Updated: July 28, 2016 — 12:13 pm

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