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Tumblr is a part blogging platform (such as WordPress, or Blogger), and a part social networking service, letting users post and share their own original content. Users can share content they create or upload on Tumblr, with their followers and friends any text, images, video clips or links to other websites. There is no limit to subscribing for other users’ pages. Based on a user’s subscription, his or her news feed in his dashboard changes.

Signing Up

  1. Open the website.
  2. Click on ‘Get Started’, which appears in the middle of the website.
  3. Enter your email address. Use the current active email id. Because you will receive a confirmation link to this email id. You have to click on the link present in the confirmation mail, to confirm that it is your email address.
  4. Enter the password. Use safe password which you do not forget easily or that can be easily stolen by others.
  5. Enter the desired username, which you intend to use to access your Tumblr account. This is the id with which you will be referred to in Tumblr, by other users.
  6. Click on Signup.
  7. Next, it will ask you for your age. Enter your age.
  8. Click on ‘Next’.
  9. Prove that you are not a robot, by checking the checkbox.
  10. Click on “Almost Done’.

With this, the registration process is completed. Next, it is time to build your profile by choosing your interests and tastes and preferences, based on which your Tumblr profile will reflect.

Logging In

  1. Open the website
  2. Click on Login
  3. Enter your email id which you have submitted while registering for Tumblr account.
  4. Click on ‘Next’
  5. Enter your password which you have submitted while registering for Tumblr account.
  6. Click on Login

How to use Tumblr?

On the dashboard, you will see the newsfeed, crafted based on the interests that you have preferred while registering for a Tumblr account and some popular blogs around the Tumblr network are displayed in the news feed. You can narrow down this news feed much more to the extent to your own like, by following more and more users that suit your interests.

On the top right side, Tumblr also shows some recommended blogs which are popular and those which suit your interests. Instead of selecting from here, you can even explore more of the Tumblr, by clicking on ‘Explore all of Tumblr’, just below the recommended blogs section.

After clicking on explore, the page will reload with trending blogs displayed on the website. A menu for further exploring deeper into Tumblr is also displayed on the top of the website, like Recommended, Staff Picks, Text blogs, Photos Blogs, GIFs Blogs and blogs in other formats. By exploring in this manner, you can follow and un-follow various new blogs that interest you.

While exploring, you may want to comment on a particular blog that you found, there is an option for you to start a discussion just beneath the blog post. From there, you can start a discussion what you want to talk about that particular post. If you want to express your interest on that blog post to the user who created it, there is an option for you to ‘like’ that post and let the user know that you liked his or her blog post.

Moreover, you can also re-blog that particular blog post, which impressed you very much, onto your blog, by clicking on the “re-blog” option, just below the blog post. Now, after re blogging it onto your blog, your followers and friends can also read that particular blog post and can react on it, in their own way.

Blogging and Blog Management

With Tumblr, you can write and manage multiple blogs with different topics and interests, with the same user account. Tumblr offers you various ways in which you can write a blog. You can even write a micro blog in seven types, such as only text, or with photos, or with videos, or with audios, or provide links and quotes, an even a funny chat with your friend or anybody else.

On the blog entry page, Tumblr provides the user with text, photo, links, chat, quotes, audio or video icons. By clicking on the chosen icon, you will trigger a pop up window, where you will enter the required information which you want to post. Enter in the information in the space provided, and then click “post” at the end. You can even schedule the publishing of a blog post at a certain time in the future. Using this option, you can write various blog posts when you are in a good mood, and schedule the publishing of those at a later time, by creating a queue of those blog posts.

For any type of post, you need to give hashtags or search terms, which will help in promoting your blog post in Tumblr. The hashtags you provide for a particular blog post, will help in other users discovering your blog post, when they search in Tumblr using those hashtags. So, providing hashtags in a simple and easy-to-find manner will be helpful in making it popular around Tumblr.


In Tumblr, you can even make conversations with almost anyone from all over the Tumblr. When, you click on the Messaging icon that appears in the menu on the top right corner of the webpage, a message pop up window will appear, where you can make conversations. In the initial stage of your Tumblr experience, it will show you some recommendations with you can have a conversation, based on your interests and preferences in your Tumblr profile. You can use this option to improve and better you information and knowledge that you have, by conversing with experts from around the world, on Tumblr.

Social Network Too

Tumblr lets its users to connect their Tumblr profile to other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Whenever a blog post is created and published or another user’s blog post is re-blogged, then automatically, the update is posted in the linked social networks. This way, you can increase the number of viewers that are reading your content on Tumblr.


Tumblr is popular for its varied and useful features that it offers to its users. It is a website, designed to be the mixture of two very different website types. One part is social networking and the other part is blogging. Users can create blogs and at the same time, promote them in the social network of Tumblr.

Updated: July 28, 2016 — 1:02 pm

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