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Vimeo is a video sharing website. It is also the first video sharing website to provide high-definition video sharing on the world web. Vimeo website is used to upload, view and share videos on the internet. Moreover, Vimeo offers to all its users, an advertisement free video sharing and watching opportunity. That means, there will be no ads popping up in between while watching videos, which many users experience while watching videos on Youtube.

Vimeo offers its users two paid membership plans, which allows the users to edit and enhance the quality of the video content, priority help and support and advanced privacy for their videos. While, for the free or basic membership plan, these features are not available or available only at the basic level.


Watching Videos

The Vimeo website offers its videos in different categories classified based on the videos’ genres, interest and other criteria. Hence, the users can browse the videos easily to find the videos that interest them. Staff Picks is a feature where, the curators of the website have selected specially based on the videos’ quality and popularity of those videos in their segment. Else, the users can also browse through the various numbers of channels that many other users have created.

Video Stats

With this feature, the users can easily review the statistics of their videos on the Vimeo website. The date range can be customized to the requirement, or for any particular day to all time, the statistics of a video can be viewed. Statistics by region, by device and by URL can also be viewed. Further, the number of likes, comments that a video gets from its viewers can also be viewed on Vimeo. Based on these statistics, we can arrive at a conclusion, and make decisions.

Video School

If you want to learn about video making in a better way, then you can learn about it through hundreds of lessons, and tutorials present in Vimeo. All of the videos are given by experts in the field.

Vimeo Organizer

This feature of Vimeo lets you make changes to the multiple videos in your account, at the same time. If you want to delete some of your videos, then Vimeo lets you to select those videos, and batch-delete them all at once. This way, a lot of time can be saved and work reduced to a lot of extent, particularly if you are dealing with a lot multiple numbers of videos.

Vimeo on Demand

If you are a professional creator, you can even easily distribute your series, videos and films all over the world through Vimeo on Demand. And, if you want to watch a video that you are of particularly interested about, you can watch videos by paying some rental amount to Vimeo. Further, you can even sell your videos online, through Vimeo on Demand.

Liking, Sharing and Commenting Videos

If you found a video interesting and informative that you want to share it on another of your website or blog, then embedding is the best option to share the video. Else, you can also share the video by sharing it on your social network profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or any such, by simply clicking on the share button option, present near the video.

To express your interest on the video, simply click on the heart symbol, present near the video.

You can also express your feelings on the video by making a comment on the video content by entering your message in the comments section below the video. And, if someone replies to your comment, you can even start a discussion on the video content topic, if you are interested.

Membership Plans


The basic plan is for those who intend to just watch the videos online and share their comments in a simple manner. This plan has all its features in a basic stage and do not offer any advanced features to the basic plan users.

Vimeo Plus

This plan is intended for those who want a deeper access into the basic features of Vimeo account. It is particularly targeted for those who want advanced privacy, a more prompt and priority support from Vimeo, advanced stats for their videos analysis, and advanced customization in video editing.

Vimeo Pro

This plan is particularly for professionals and businesses. The plus and pro versions both have all the basic features, and in addition they offer the users access to much more efficient features also. The pro plan has features like priority video conversion, password protection, domain level privacy, private link sharing,

private and unlisted review pages, VIP support with a quicker email responses from help and support team, advanced stats for their videos analysis, PRO customization of video player, customizable portfolio sites, and Vimeo on Demand world wide distribution.

Signing Up

  1. Open the website
  2. The website will open with a registration form for signing up.
  3. Enter your name in the first text box.
  4. Enter your email id in the next text box, which is currently active. Because, this email id will receive a confirmation mail from vimeo, in which there is a verification link present. Click on that link to verify and confirm that this is your email id, and not a spam.
  5. Enter your password, which you do not forget easily and remember always. Because, multiple login attempts with wrong password may block your Vimeo account and may become inaccessible to you. Hence use a safe and secure password.
  6. Click on Join, to complete your registration process and access your Vimeo account.

If you want to join Vimeo using your Facebook account, another option is also given, to register using your Facebook account.

Log In

  1. Open the website
  2. On the face of the website, you will see the Log in section.
  3. Enter your email id.
  4. Enter your Password. Be very careful while entering your password. Because, entering wrong password multiple times can block your account, and may become inaccessible.
  5. Click on Log In

That’s it. You have now logged into your Vimeo account.


Updated: July 28, 2016 — 1:05 pm

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