Embed YouTube Videos With Mute Sound

Embedding YouTube videos on websites are easy and simple. This article will deal with how an individual can embed a YouTube video that will start playing automatically when a web page will load but with mute sound.

A brief explanation

If a novice person fails to understand the concept of embedding YouTube videos on websites with the sound muted will surely understand it when an individual will scroll down the timeline of his/her on a popular networking site. You will find that when you scroll down your timeline, you will find many videos with muted sound. Videos will play automatically, and the sound will be heard when you tap on it. It will also not bother other people by your side whether at the office or in public transport.

Use YouTube Videos for promotion

If you want to use the YouTube Video as background on your website, you only have to grab default IFRAME embed code. Paste the code anywhere on your website and your work is done. YouTube offers customization- you are allowed to modify player dimension and can even hide YouTube branding. But if you want to establish more control over the embedded player then YouTube Player API is the ideal option.

A close look

Suppose a website of particular products uses short screencasts from YouTube to highlight the various features. The video will autoplay when the page will start loading. The volume of the video is pre-set to zero. The users have to click on the video to un-mute the video. When you are using YouTube video as backgrounds, it indeed makes sense to embed muted videos than run in a circle.

Free and easy to use

YouTube is easy to use and is the most popular video searching engine across the globe. It has been found that every month it gets nearly 3million views. The local version of YouTube has been launched so far in 88 countries.

Increases traffic

When you use YouTube videos on your website for promotion, it increases the traffic flow in your website making it high traffic website. But the sound of the videos uploaded to the website creates a problem for many visitors and the visitors at once close the website as soon as they heard the sound after entering the website. The bounce rate increases, and eventually it lowers the rank of the website in the search engines. For this, it is indeed essential to embed videos in your website with sound mute.

Steps to follow

You need to follow the below-mentioned steps for embedding YouTube Videos in your website with sound mute.

  • Click on the YouTube which you want for embedding and look for video ID in the address bar of the browser.
  • You will find sequence of text right after this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=.’
  • Press control+V for pasting the embedded code.

Embed code can mute YouTube videos

Being a well-versed person with YouTube Script it will not be difficult for you to mute the YouTube videos on your website.

Using the above-mentioned code you can mute the YouTube videos on your website. This code cannot be used on those videos that have restrictions for embedding. This code will only work with those videos that have the option to embed.

For understanding of novice people

A novice person when to enter your website will find the video on the website as soon as the person enters your website. Being novice the person might not understand that the video is mute. Suppose you too are a novice person so how will you understand that the video is mute? As soon as you enter the website, you will find the video, below the video, you will see a bar with a symbol of the mic with x. This implies that the sound is mute; you need to tap on the video to listen to it.

Other people will not get disturbed

It is found that when a person play anything on the phone when the person is travelling without headphone or anything on the computer at the office, people around that particular person feels disturbed. Muted videos will not raise eyebrows of the people around you and when you want to listen to that particular video, plug in a headphone and listen to it.

Explain the products well

With the use of YouTube videos with mute sound will enable the users to understand what the websites deals with. So make your product fetch attention of the users across the globe by using videos from YouTube as background. If you are unable to carry with the work of embedding YouTube videos with mute sound, then you can take the help from cyberspace. The Internet is indeed a boon to the lives of humankind for providing help in various fields.

Updated: August 31, 2016 — 12:26 pm
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