Gmail is an emailing platform provided by Google as its prime mailing site; Gmail is used worldwide to send and receive emails all over the world. Today we cannot imagine this world without emails; most the work is being done through emails. Emails are used as the formal medium of communication for corporate sectors, educational institutions and offices. We cannot world without Gmail because we are dependent on emails very much for our number of tasks. Gmail help people to mail their CVs to get a job; Gmail is used to transfer and receiving documents, pictures, and any official text.


Gmail application requires adding the contacts to send and receive emails through emails can be sent without adding the person by adding email id directly on the send option. For adding people click add and type the email id you would like to add and send an add request once that person accepts you request you will get added to their account, and they will be added to yours. Now you can receive and send emails, chat and share information. For extracting email id from the messages, you receive the following step must be followed:

  • ADD PEOPLE: Add people to your account so that you can send and receive messages on Gmail. Adding people is very easy just get the email id of the person you want to add and send an add request to that email id from your Gmail account, and once the person accepts your request, you can receive and send an email. Adding friends, colleagues and family is a very good option on Gmail it enables us to stay in touch. We can receive and send an email to anyone and anywhere in the whole this is the best thing about Gmail.
  • EXTRACTING MAIL ADDRESS FROM MESSAGES: whenever we receive an email from anywhere from any part of the world, it contains their email address at the top left a corner of the message from there we can note down the email address of that person or we can copy and paste that email address to wherever we want. Once a person messages you on Gmail, you can add them and from chat option, you can find their email address by just cock right on their name tab. Extracting email address in Gmail is very easy and a very quick task.
  • SENDING EMAIL ON GMAIL: sending emails through Gmail is very easy and effortless task just click on the compose tab on the left corner at the top and put the email address of the person you want to mail on the address tab, if you want to send a carbon copy to someone else just add their mail address too Cc tab. Then out the subject of the mail in subject tab and your message in the body tab and if you want to attach a doc or picture click on the attachment tab and upload the document and click send to send the mail.
  • CONFIRMATION OF THE SENT MAIL: you’ll receive a message in top column highlighted in the yellow saying that you mail has been sent successfully. This confirms that your mail is sent to the address you have mentioned in your mail still if you have any doubt regarding the sent mail you can check the status in the sent mail tab. There you’ll get information about the status of your mail if it is sent to the mentioned address then it will appear on the sent mail if not sent then it will appear in the outbox, Then you have to check your outbox.
  • OUTBOX: outbox contains those mail which is in the process to be sent to the mail address you have mentioned in your mail. It is in the process to be sent therefore it will appear in the outbox, once your mail is sent it will disappear from outbox and will appear in the sent mail tab. If it is not sent you can send it manually from outbox but clicking edit option and then press send button again in this way your mail will be sent and now it will appear in sent mail tab. It is very easy to send mail and check the status of mail in Therefore, it is the most used application worldwide.
  • DELETING MESSAGES FROM GMAIL: deleting messages in Gmail is very easy and fast, just select all the messages you want to delete from you Gmail account by ticking all the messages to be deleted and then click remove or delete button on the top left corner and confirm deleting messages by pressing yes on the screen. The selected messages will be deleted from the primary mailbox; mail will now appear in the trash box. Trash box is provided in case you delete any important mail then you can recycle that important mail from trash. Messages which are stored in trash gets deleted automatically after 120 days.
  • OTHER FEATURES OF GMAIL: Gmail is loaded with a number of features like chatting, messaging and emailing. In addition to these features, you can do voice and video call as well through your Gmail account. This voice and video calling option id free no charges will be taken you only need a high-speed internet connection for making a video and voice call. For an easy search of any important mail, you can star tag that email so that you can find these emails easily just by clicking the starred mail option and all the starred mail will appear instantly.
Updated: August 31, 2016 — 12:23 pm
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