Find Who Has Access to Your Google Drive Files And Folders

Uploading files; creating folders and documents as well as sharing them with your friends and family can be easily done with Google Drive. All of these files and folders are private by default unless you are permitting anyone else to enjoy access over them. You can also set permission option for those who intend to use your Google Drive data. In such cases, you want to find out those having access to the files and folders in your Google Drive account. Though Google does not provide you with a lot many scopes but it can be done by making optimum utilization of the Permissions Auditor For Google Drive.

Information Drive Audit seeks to help you

Coming to this Drive Audit; it would like to get certain information from you to provide you with the details you are looking out for. Here are brief details about the information Drive Audit seek from its users:

  • Drive audit will like to know your username on Google.
  • After you have typed in your username; the next thing to be done is the verification of your mailing address that is registered with Google Drive.
  • Drive Audit will view your details i.e. the files and spreadsheets and manage them.
  • It would also like to check out and manage all data having an association with it i.e. Google Drive.

Steps for using Drive Audit to check who is enjoying access to your files and folders on Google Drive

Now you might be wondering how to use Drive Audit to get information that you are looking for. The process is a simple and easy one if you follow it step by step without any violation. Helping with getting a detailed information about those having access to the files and folders you have uploaded and shared with Google Drive; the procedure goes as follow:

  1. Login to your Google Drive account using Gmail account: Open the browser and switch to Gmail. Then login to your account by entering you Gmail account details i.e. mail ID and password. This the first step whereby you are ought to remember your password to access the same.
  2. Installation of Chrome Add-On: You need to click on the link appearing as Permissions Auditor for Google Drive for installing Chrome Add-On. Once you click on the link; a box will open automatically with other options.
  3. Getting the installation complete: As you have clicked on the above-mentioned link; you will come across an option like “Free to Install.” Go ahead and click on this option to get the installation completed. As soon the installation process gets done; a spreadsheet will open on your screen.
  4. The add-on seeks your permission to start functioning: This add-on now seeks your permission for commencing with its function. All you need to do is grant it the same by clicking on the option “Allow” at the time when the page shows the permission prompt.
  5. Go back to the previous page i.e. the spreadsheet: Once you have granted permission to the “Add-On”; all you have to do is return back to the previous page with the spreadsheet. It comes up with an option like “Add-Ons”. Click on it and the Drive Permissions Auditor page will open to commence with its action.
  6. You will come across certain things on the upper end of this spreadsheet being highlighted. On the right-hand corner, you will come up with a pop-up. Just simply scroll down and you will find the option “Start Audit.” Do nothing more than just bringing your cursor arrow down and clip it on this Start Audit option.
  7. As soon as you click on this Start Audit option; the audit process will commence with its action.
  8. Once the action starts; you will be able to see the spreadsheet getting updated with all the details of your files and folders bit by bit.
  9. As the spreadsheet gets updated; you will get detailed information about everything from the date you uploaded the files and created the folders; with whom you shared these files and folders; who all have shared their files and folders with you; and most importantly who is enjoying access to your files and folders despite your permission or without you sharing these with them. The process is nothing but a simple one if you are aware of all the procedures accurately.
  10. Once you get the report ready i.e. the spreadsheet being a fully up-to-date; you can easily remove those people who should not have access to your files and folders by simply reporting against them or getting them blocked.
  11. Soon after the data scanning is completed; all the collected information is removed within the next 24 hours. Google does not read any of these contents anytime without the permission of its users.
  12. You can also check the setting from time to time to prevent manipulation of your shared data.

Final Say:

With Google Drive offering you with such features; sharing has become fun with more and more people in your circle. You can both share your favorite and important files and folders with those you want keeping those unwanted away from these. In fact, it is reviewed that sharing is one of the best and most useful features of using Google Drive. But since you are using this feature regularly with ease; you often forget to check for others enjoying access to your files without your permission. In such a case you are requested to undergo the steps mentioned to ascertain only those permitted are having access to your important files assuring yourself that the creepy guy is away from sensitive information.

Updated: August 31, 2016 — 11:59 am
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