How can I extract the email addressed from Gmail messages?

Let’s begin with an example.

A Beauty and Health Inc. is the company providing several different services from past seven years to its customers and communicating with their clients and vendors through Gmail. From past seven, years they have their business office located in Manhattan. Now, they are moving to Brooklyn address.

The challenge here is they want to inform all their customers and vendors via email about their move and new address. Certainly, they have thousands of email addresses archived but still there are hundreds or more of the email addresses which are not saved in contacts.

In such scenario, they must extract all the email addresses from their Gmail messages. They want these email addresses to be exported as a .csv file and uploaded to MailChimp like emailer software for mass mailing.

Hence, they decided to go for “EMAIL ADDRESS EXTRACTOR”.

What is email address extractor?

It is a Google add-on that examines all the email addresses of giving Gmail account through all received and sent email messages, extract the email addresses and stores them in a spreadsheet.

It works for both Gmail app and Google account.

The extractor can either scan entire email box, particular label(s) or both. You are allowed to extract the emails of the recipients, sender or those in CC list. For email addresses, the add-on can also easily parse the message body and subject of an email.

It is quite a useful function for extracting the email addresses of generic senders like contact forms or subscriptions.

How can I extract the email addresses in Gmail?

You can follow these steps:

Step 1 – First install the email extractor add-on and grant all the required permissions. To save the extracted email addresses inside the Google spreadsheet, the add-on on to access your Google account and Google Drive.

Step 2 – Inside the Google spreadsheet goes to the add-on menu, select the email extractor and start extracting the email addresses.

Step 3 – You can specify the search extractor and in the background, it will parse the email messages based on the search criteria.

Step 4 – Now, you select the fields including – BCC, CC, TO and FROM that will parse for extracting the email messages.

Now, click on the “start” button and in the spreadsheet it will start extracting the emails. Depending upon the size of the email messages it may take time few minutes.

FAQ on Gmail Extractor

  1. During the extraction, it is important that computer should be online, and Google sheet should remain open.
  2. If due to any reason the extraction interrupted you just click on the “Resume” button, and it will immediately pick from where it left earlier.
  3. The Google spreadsheet after the extraction includes two different sheets including – individual emails and all emails.

All emails contain every single email address found by extractor inside the Gmail account. However, a unique email list is more is cleaner. It does not have duplicate email addresses.

  1. The free edition of the add-on let you extract the emails of up to 500 email threads. However, when you buy the premium edition. It does not have any such restrictions and offers 90 days of complimentary support.
  2. You can also use the same extracted spreadsheet content to send the personalised email messages through “Gmail email merge”.

Updated: August 1, 2016 — 9:02 am
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