How should I copy a folder to another folder in Google Drive?

Google drive is a 4 years old product of Google where you can store and share your files and documents. It nearly offers all essential attributes that any other file manager could do. You can manage your files, folders and documents within the browser. You can also rename files, move the files to a folder and differentiate them with text note and colours for natural search.

However, there is one element which is missing from Google Drive – “its ability to copy folders”. You can smoothly supplicate any file in G-drive. Just right click on the archive and select “make a copy” command. Unfortunately, no such command is available for folders.

4 Steps to copy folders in Google Drive

Would not be excellent for us if there are a command like rsync (UNIX, Mac) or xcopy (Windows) for G-drive that smoothly copy everything. Not just copy the files and folders and subdirectories but also maintain the shared file permissions and retain directory tree structure.

We cannot say when Google will be able to offer the option to copy the folder. However, we have the option to use the Eric YD developed an open source web app.

Let’s get started on this app and quickly copy the folders in Google Drive.

Step 1 – First you need to visit the website and click on the “Authorize” tab.

Step 2 – Grant the access to the app of your Google Drive. Now, without involving a third-party server, the app perform the copy function inside the drive.

Step 3 – Once the authorization is completed. Use the Google file picker to select the source folder then assign the destination folder name.

Step 4 – To start the cloning process click the “copy folder” option.

Kudos! Now the script of the app will run in the background and copy the folders to the destination folder. Moreover, to know what is happening behind the scene it will log in all the information in a spreadsheet as well.

An optional feature of the app is to retain the permissions. If you want to copy the sharing permissions as well then copying process will take lots of time.

How to copy folders o another Google Drive account?

If you have two Google accounts, and you want to copy folders from Google Account 1 to Google Account 2. How would you do it?

Do not worry? Just follow these steps:

  1. Visit to clone the folder in its original Google account (1)
  2. Login to your Google account 2 and create a folder in it. Then share it with Google account 1
  3. Now, login to Google account 1 and move the copied folder into the shared folder.
  4. Go back to your Google account 2 and eliminate the sharing folders’ permissions.

Is there any alternative?

If you are not at ease in giving the access to the folder in Google, Drive to another app. Manually copy folders using the Google Drive’s desktop client.

However, there is small drawback the Google Drive will re-upload all the files and folders.

Updated: August 1, 2016 — 8:49 am
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