How to use the jpay mobile app to send money & email to an inmate?

There are not several services that offer communication services between prisoners and outside world. Among these few available options either 2 or 3 of them considered best. However, JPay is the most reliable platform in every regard.

The jpay app for android offers a wide array of services right from Email communication to sending money to video visitation to Parole and probation.

Now, you have an opportunity to establish a convenient communication with your friend or family member who is in the correctional facility through your mobile device.

Thinking how?

Well, you can now download the jpay mobile app which is available at both Google Store and Itunes.

Before we proceed further with our step by step tutorial on how to download the jpay app for ipad, let’s take a look at a quick introduction to the app.


The easy jpay app download empowers you to send the emails and money to your friend or family member who is in the prison directly from your mobile device. When you use this user-friendly app, it also enables you to attach the photo file and send it to the inmate.

How does it work?

Every inmate has a trust account and using the jpay mobile appalong your credit or debit card you can send the money to the jpay inmate account. The app brings you true versatility and flexibility as the money you send will immediately credit to inmate’s account. Moreover, you can send the money and email from anywhere and anytime.

With the help of the app, you can quickly write and receive the emails from the inmate. However, the service is available to select a correctional facility. You can send the email to multiple recipients, and it also allows you to attach the photo to your email message.

When I was downloading the app, there is a comment from one of the users where he requested the feature of pre-stamped email to an inmate. It can be a useful feature which can make the app more efficient and easy to use.

Send money

One of the most appreciated features of the jpay app for iphone is “send money”, which offers a degree of customization to the user. It enables you to delete/add/edit your payment methods easily and quickly. The latest edition of the app include some enhancements and security improvements, which makes quite easy to send money through the app.

How to jpay app download and use the jpay mobile app?

There are certain formalities that one should take care before start using the JPay App.

– First, you need to set up the JPay account

– Visit the website in your desktop or laptop and follow the directions to create an account.

– Now, go to the Apple store or Android store depending on the type of phone you are using.

– Search for the Jpay app, install it.

– As soon as the JPay App launch in your respective mobile device you will get the pretty long user agreement that you must “Agree” on. Since the app is for sending money and email to a prison inmate, it is advisable to read the agreement.

– Once you are done with the sign in and other required formalities. You will be directed to the dashboard of the jpay mobile app.

– You will come across just four menu options – Email, Money, Video and Music.

Note- the video visitation feature is available to a few states only depending upon the security essentials.

Sending money to inmate with through JPay App

Step 1 – Install the jpay app for iphone or android device on your mobile device and sign into the app

Step 2 – Click on the “Send Money” option

Step 3 – In the “To” column mention the inmate name along the inmate ID

Step 4 – In the second column enter the amount you wish to send

Step 5 – Then in the Payment, Method columns first enter the card number and expiry date and in the next Column enter the CVV number.

It will also show you the transaction fee at the bottom of the transaction detail page.

Step 6 – Click on the “Submit” tab.

And you are done!

Benefits of using the jpay mobile app

– You can send an email to multiple recipients.

– A quick, convenient and simple method to send money to the inmate

– You can send the photo attachment in emails to inmates

Drawbacks of the app

– Not all JPay features are accessible in the app

– To use the app features the account sign in mandatory.

The Final Word

Using the jpay app for android or IPhone will certainly make easy for most of us to stay in touch with our family member or friend on the go. However, the app is still in its development phase, and there are not all the features yet available in the app. It is a good start if you just want to send money and exchange email messages with an inmate.

Updated: August 31, 2016 — 12:32 pm
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