The 10 Important URLs That Every Google User Should Know

Most Google users have always been found searching answers for certain question like whether there is a way to check out the advertisements clicked or posted by myself; How is Google able to track my interests and my location; How to get hold of the search items that I had searched for since I am using Google and a lot more. While your list of questions continues and you look out for the answers; you will be surprised to know that answers to all such questions of your’s are hidden within the Google dashboard of your PC.  You might now be wondering then why you are not able to find it. This is because you lack the knowledge of the URL or URLs that will bring out the desired answers to your queries.

10 URLS you will find of Great Use

As you look out for the answers; here are 10 URLs which every Google user ought to know to quench their quest for certain answers.

  1. Get your Google account created without a regular Google ID

Usually, you are familiar with creating a Google account with the regular Google ID  and might be thinking whether it is possible to get your Google account ready using a non-Google ID like Yahoo, Rediff, etc.  And here you go with the choice of signing up your Google Account with a non-Google Id using the following URL. With this URL you can get the signing up process done using any of your existing email ID and user name.

  1. How can you get a copy of all the Google Data in your profile?

You all can get all of yours Google Data exported from 16 various products offered by Google like Gmail messages, contacts, +1s, Google Bookmarks, Google+, YouTube videos, Google Photos and others visiting the following URL.

  1. The trick Google uses for keeping your interest within its record

Once you look out for a similar thing over and again; the next time even when you search for something else; Google brings to you your favorite searched item under the head “recommended for you”. This might have made you wonder how Google is able to remember your interest without even asking you details like age, preferences, gender and other information. Google does so by tracking your most searched topics as well as the preferences you list in Google +account of yours.  Check out how Google does that visiting this URL:

  1. Getting your contents removed from any other sites

At time contents which you have posted with the copyright of your own might be appearing or might have been used by other websites. In such cases, as you intend to block that particular site or report against it; get the action done by filing your DMCA complaint with Google. Whether you want the content to be removed or the entire site to be blocked depends on solely on you. But in such a case you must be assured that the website you are complaining against uses more than one social forum offered by Google like Blogger, Youtube, Ad sense, Google+ or any other.  For the action to be done; visit this URL:

  1. How Google comes up with your location details?

Whether you are willing to send Google your location details or not; it traces it easily once any of the products offered by Google is signed in. The device starts sending Google your present location details to all Google servers and you can get this history in the KML file format using the mentioned URL:

Once you get up to this URL; the files can be easily accessed with Google Earth or Drive.

  1. Check out your searched items since you logged in with Google

Google helps you with answers to all your queries; even the weirdest ones. Just image how amazing it will be if you are able to check out all the items you had searched on Google. From the ads you clicked on the items you searched; Google maintains a record of every minute detail. Check out your searched items heading with this URL:

  1. Maintain your main Gmail Account to enjoy access to other accounts

Human brains are not machines to remember every minute detail like passwords of all social sites. Each of you might be having over 3 Google accounts and end up creating one once you forget the password. Over the time ones which are used less also gets lost completely. However, Google once in every 9 months asks its users to log into their account using the mail id and password. To maintain more than one account; you can set the secondary account as the main Google account. In such a case; Google will ask you to log in with your main account to remain connected with the associated accounts. Enjoy this feature with this URL:

  1. Check others using your G-Account

You seem suspicious about anyone else using your Google account. You can now find out who else is enjoying control over your account visiting this URL:

  1. Instant solution for your Hacked Google Apps

Accounts with Google Apps can be hacked easily with devices running on Android. If case you feel your details present with your Google Apps has been hacked; you can use this below mentioned URL to change the administrator password of your account.

  1. Track the Web Apps having access to the data shared with Google.

At times you sign Google Scripts, mobile apps, browser extensions and others using your Google Account. In such cases; some of these might be having permission to reach your Google Data which you can track by visiting this URL:

Final Say:

Not only Google provide you answers to all your questions easily with its array of information even on the weirdest topic and helps you in establishing contacts with people across the world but also makes sure that with feel secure and safe with its use offering you with its interim facilities.

Updated: August 31, 2016 — 12:07 pm
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