The Same File In Google Drive Can Be Added To Different Folders Without Duplicating

A new online file storage, as well as synchronization service, has been created by Google. It is known as Google drive. It helps millions of users across the globe to store their files in the cloud, share files, edit documents and helps users in presentation with the collaborators. Google drive includes sheets, slides, docs, office suite that allows collaborative editing of docs, presentations, spreadsheets, forms, drawings and more.

Benefits of using Google Drive

There are several benefits of using Google Drive.

  • The foremost benefit of using Google drive is it allows you to send large files to your friends, colleagues, and clients directly from your Gmail account.
  •  It has an efficient inbuilt search engine.
  • You can even have this on your mobile.
  • It is equipped with optical character recognition function.
  • Various types of files can be opened from Google Drive.
  • The program is completely free.
  • It uses image recognition technology.
  • It allows you to share videos and photos with your contacts.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, the same file can be added to multiple folders in Google Drive without even copying.

Things to know

Gmail works on labels or tags, and it is known that any email belongs to more than one tags. There are folders in Google Drive and any folder in Google Drive has a parent folder. Suppose a presentation has been uploaded in Folder named A, it can concurrently be present in Folder named B.

A surprising fact

You will be astonished to know; Google Drive will permit you to put any file in more than one folder and for this, you do not even have to create manifold copies of your file. It makes organization indeed easier. If you do any edit to the file in one folder .then all other files on other folders will get updated.

Usefulness of Google drive

Google Drive plays a significant role and holds a prominent place among the professionals. Sharing important documents among colleagues have become so easier with Google Drive. It is indeed easy to share spreadsheet and documents with multiple parties with Google Drive. Suppose you are working on a project which requires a single file to be in multiple folders that other colleagues’ access. If the collaborators of the project start changing their files, then several version of the same document will be created. But with Google Drive you have the scope to add single file more than one folders without copying. If any change is made to the file, the change will be reflected globally.

Process of removing files from multiple folders

For instance you have Folder named B that has the reference of the file that is in Folder A. If you eradicate your file from the Folder named B, then original file will eventually get deleted from Folder A. In that case, you have to remove your positioned file from Folder named B prior to deleting the folder. But inside Google drive, choose your file which is located in different folders and tap on activity sidebar. Now you will find a list of the folders to which file belongs. Click on the x symbol for removing the file from one one of the folder that you will find on the list.

Process of adding files to several folders using code

Placing of the file or current folder in various folders with Drive API is easy if you are well-versed with Google Scripts. It is done in the following way:
function organizeFolders() {

// Parent Folders
var parentA = DriveApp.createFolder(“Dad”);
var parentB = DriveApp.createFolder(“Mom”);

// Child folder inside Parent Folder A
var child = parentA.createFolder(“Child”);

// Place Child Folder inside another Parent Folder B


Steps to follow for adding file to multiple folders

Here are the steps for you to place a single file inside multiple folders on Google Drive without duplicating.

  • The first involves opening the Google Drive on the web browser on your system. Then proceed to select one or more files.
  • Use the control key on Windows and for Mac use command key for selecting files.
  • In the next step press, the shift+Z and you will find “add to folder” pop-up.
  • Then you select the folder where you want to add the file and click OK.

You neither moved nor copied the files; you only created references inside other folders. It will help your colleagues to access the file easily. Again the Shift+Z shortcut can be used to add selected files to other folders inside the Google drive.

Important features of Google drive

Google drive, an outstanding online sharing platform created by Google is completely free for the users. Up to 5GB online storage space, it is free completely. If you want extra storage space, then you have to pay for it. But for most of the users, free storage space is more than enough. Files can be easily shared with friends and family. You can even create new documents online. This service has been created by Google; the search engine has also been embedded in Google Drive.

Ease of access

Using Google Drive is simple and easy. You can have the access to your files from any part of the world.  Files can be accessed even on the go if you download the application on your smartphone or tablet. All files get synchronized that is if changes are made from one device, the change will reflect everywhere. You only need to have an internet connection and the rest work will be done by Google Drive. Your files will be up-to-date and will be available everywhere.

Updated: August 31, 2016 — 12:05 pm
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