How to transfer your iCloud contacts into Gmail?

Whether you’re thinking of making the jump to Android or you are an iPhone-toting Gmail user who needs your upgraded contacts in the same location as your email, transferring your iCloud contacts to Gmail is a breeze, and you don’t want any third-party applications to take action.

Once you have moved your address book over to Gmail, you have the ability to get your contacts through the iOS Contacts app. Once you have completed the procedure, you may forget the contacts on your iPhone or iPad are saved someplace other than iCloud, and you will admire it when a contact pops immediately into the “To:” area if you compose a Gmail message in a desktop browser. If you decide to cross the road to Android from iOS on top of that, your contacts will be awaiting you.

Export a vCard file through all your iCloud contacts

There are lots of third-party applications and services that assure to sync iCloud contacts with Google, but we’re going to do this the cost-free and the old fashioned—using vCard files, which means briefly bound into a desktop computer browser.

Reminder: Google hosts a third party software that can do the work of importing your iCloud contacts for you, but the program gave me an error after I make an effort it with my iCloud account—and moreover, I’ve consistently been particular about handing over passwords to third parties, and you likely should also be.

STEP 1 –First you must visit the from your web browser and log in to your iCloud contact with registered username and password.

STEP 2 –Click on “Contacts”, then in the left column click on the “All Contacts”>>”Settings” in the bottom corner of the page and select All. Tap on the Settings option and again click on the “Export vCard” tab.

As soon as you complete the Step 2, the iCloud will store all your contacts under single vCard and download it to your computer. Typically, the vCard will get saved in your system’s download folder.

Now, once you have the all the iCloud contacts, it is time to import the file to your Gmail account.

STEP 3– On the web open your Gmail account, now tap on the big red heading and in top left corner of the page, and choose “Contacts” from the drop-down menu.

STEP 4– Now click on the “More”>>Import>> select the vCard or CSV file.

STEP 5 –The click on the choose File Tab, select the vCard that you downloaded in your system from the iCloud, now tap on the “Import” option, and here you go – all your iCloud contacts are inside your Gmail account.

Before moving ahead, after the import, you must check whether you have any duplicate of contacts. Click on More>>Find & Merge Duplicates. In case, you have any duplicate contacts then Gmail will open a pop-up window, here you wish to browse all duplicate contacts one by one or only hit the Blue Merge button to merge all your duplicate contacts quickly.

In iOS how to use the Google contacts instead iCloud?

If you are migrating from iPhone to Android due to which you imported your iCloud contacts to Gmail account, then all above mentioned steps will do the entire task that you have been trying to do.

However, if you are back to iPhone or iPad, then there is a bit more work involved to get your Gmail contacts show up on your iOS devices.

STEP 1 –Settings>>Mail-Contacts-Calendar. Click on your iCloud name and uncheck the Contacts switch option. You will be asked whether you would like to delete your contacts from iPhone, go ahead and delete all the contacts from iPhone (Do not worry. Still your contacts will remain saved on iCloud).

STEP 2 –Go back to Primary Mail-Contacts-Calendars screen and click on your Gmail account, then next to contacts option flip the switch. Immediately, all you imported contacts will flow into your iOS device.

I hope that you liked the blog and if you have any questions or stuck somewhere in importing your iCloud contacts to your Gmail account then drop your query in a comment box below and we will answer it within 24 hours.

Updated: December 7, 2016 — 9:39 am

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